Recent projects and the results clients have achieved by partnering with Ivy Quill Communications include the following:

  • A media relations firm representing luxury destination resorts regularly uses IQc to help develop client taglines, draft press releases, and research and develop backgrounders that are distributed to thousands of high-profile media outlets – with tangible results in the form of substantial travel media coverage – as well as to write and edit new client pitches.
  • A management consulting firm specializing in government contracting work retained IQc to draft the editorial content for its new website – an assignment that soon evolved into a larger branding and collateral development consultancy.
  • After a lightning-fast editing and proofreading process supported by IQc, a law school professor’s cutting-edge manuscript was accepted for publication by a prestigious journal – a mere 48 hours after submission.
  • A recently retired counter-terrorism expert turned to IQc for communications coaching and curriculum vitadrafting – and promptly secured his ideal consulting position.
  • Using an IQc-authored pitch letter, CV, and marketing plan, a previously unpublished historian-biographer sold her IQc-edited manuscript – to the third publishing house she queried.
  • With her IQc-drafted resume in hand, an experienced business lawyer living in Baltimore landed a new job – in Manhattan, her dream home.
  • A graduate student significantly improved his thesis – and his grade – after only three coaching sessions with IQc.


Eliza Dolin of IQc has written, edited, and proofread thousands of documents. A short list:

  • Commercial website content
  • Employee manuals
  • Orientation and training materials
  • Newsletters
  • Securities and Exchange Commission filings
  • Annual reports
  • Personal biographies and profiles
  • Executive resumes and curriculum vitae
  • Case studies
  • Business reports and presentations
  • Environmental impact statements and assessments
  • Requests for proposals
  • Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Rulemaking comments
  • Contracts for personal services, technical consulting, business and property transfers, etc.
  • Academic manuscripts
  • White papers
  • Briefing papers
  • Analytical memoranda
  • Legal motions and briefs
  • Speeches, lectures, and presentations
  • Tear sheets
  • Press releases
  • Media relations backgrounders
  • Promotional, marketing, and advertising copy
  • Non-fiction book and article proposalsFiction manuscript query letters, outlines, synopses, and biosFiction and non-fiction manuscripts


IQc’s Eliza Dolin has provided communications services to individuals and organizations involved in the following endeavors, among many others:

  • U.S. Department of State/Antiterrorism Assistance Program activities
  • Management consulting service providers for U.S. security and intelligence programs
  • Certified financial planning
  • Commercial real estate brokerage
  • Media relations for luxury international and domestic destination properties
  • Theological and seminary graduate studies
  • Social sciences doctoral dissertation research and writing
  • Project permitting (in coordination with federal and state agencies including FAA, DoD, EPA, and FERC)
  • Environmental and energy reporting and disclosure (including to the SEC, EPA, and state agencies)
  • Non-profit environmental law and policy advocacy
  • Animal welfare services
  • Residential community newsletters
  • Chamber of Commerce branding programs
  • Community-based social work
  • Tourism promotional campaigns
  • Commercial fiction and non-fiction (including novel, biography, and business advice manuscripts)

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